Saturday, March 26, 2016


Yesterday started out cool and damp and then it cleared off and got to 8C or 46F. Great enough to be outside in the afternoon. 


We did grocery shopping in the morning and in the afternoon Grandson and I went Geocaching. We walked 2.2 miles and found 6 caches. It was great fun for us as these were new caches in the park a couple blocks from the house. The sizes of the containers were small. 
The hardest one to find was very well hidden and we only found it by luck. I happened to kick it and it moved enough to show the top of the stump was a lid. 
We came home happy and full of fresh air. 


The leg of the first sock is done and the second sock has about an inch knit on it. I will continue to knit on them during the day and evening as I have time. 


We are heading out to an Easter egg hunt and then on to the yarn store. We are also going out to celebrate my birthday tonight. 
Until tomorrow.....................

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