Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Knitting In the Sunshine

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day with a high of 13C or 55F. Warm enough to sit outside and soak up the rays. Of which we did; all of us. Late in the afternoon, the clouds rolled in and you could see rain falling from them to the south of us. 


In the morning, we scooted out to do a bit of shopping for diabetic supplies. His supplies are quite different for the pump than for injections. Some get ordered online, others at the drug store. Both were done yesterday. 
At noon, we went out for lunch at this amazing taco restaurant. 
The food was delicious. After that we went to two hardware stores and looked around at a variety of things. I hung out mainly in the paint section of one store. The other we looked around at everything. 
Once home, we pulled out the chairs to soak up the sunshine. It was so nice to sit outside and soak up the rays until almost 4 p.m. That was when the clouds arrived. 


I happened across this pattern while looking for a top to sew for my next project. I have the idea of using one of the new denim fabrics (lightweight for a top) that arrived a couple of weeks ago. 
McCalls 7360
My plan is to add buttons to the front of this top. I may also use the short sleeves and lengthen them as shown in this view.
I plan on getting the fabric, pattern, thread, etc. this week.  It may take me a month to sew but I will enjoy the process rather than rush to make it. 


I did do a bunch of knitting yesterday. I am trying to work during the day on the socks as the stitches are hard to see at night, even with good lighting. 
The first sock has the gusset done and I even had to unknit several rows. I had forgot to decrease on one side and the numbers were skewed. 
The second sock has been started and the goal is to finish the gusset today. If I get any rows knit on the foot it will be a bonus. 
When I knit socks, I keep a book and pen beside me to track what I do. It gets messy but it is sure helpful when making the heel flap and doing the gusset. I will probably add the toe decreasing to the bottom of the page as another reference point. And I add notes after the fact ~ number of stitches picked up down the heel flap is one I added after I took the picture. 
I always go back to the previous socks I made before I set up the new socks. It really helps me. I also keep my iPad beside me to watch Lucy Neatby's class "First Socks". 


This is our last day at our Son's place and I need to do a load of laundry, pack our stuff, and go for a walk with Grandson. I do need to knit the gusset on the second sock as well. 
Until tomorrow.................

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