Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Sleeve Is Done

The sky is a lovely pale blue and the sun is shining on the hills. It was like this yesterday morning and then it clouded up in the afternoon to a very grey and dismal day. The high temperature got to 11.3C or 52F. This morning, it was 6C or 43F at 6 a.m., very warm for this time of the year.


It was my day off so I did the grocery shopping. Mother Hubbard's cupboard was getting bare. I got it done and then headed out to the fabric store.
At the fabric store, I had to help out for a bit as they were short staffed, couldn't find the sale's papers and the trainee needed a bit of help with a customer. I even did cash. I did get my purchases and came home.
The Spousal Unit got the wheels replaced on 4 carts and then he napped. He napped off and on all day, partly as he is still weak from chemo and partly because of the grey day. He is doing a bit more each day which is good.


I got what I needed at the store yesterday. I have wanted to shop for a few days but it hasn't happened. The big purchase was cotton to make Grandson a bag for his diabetic supplies. He loves green and I found this sports fabric for him.
What is left over will become something else for him later on.
I got more fabric and will report on it later. There is a story for one piece of that fabric. So, stay tuned.
I also worked on the Spousal Unit's shirt. Dark fabric in a poorly lit room on a grey day is a pain but I slugged through. The placket got done, which was the hardest part to see. Also it tried to grow tall and skinny and had to be handled gently.
Once that was done, I set in the sleeve, finished the seams, and sewed up the side seam. Ever tried to serge the side seams of a sleeve that you have pinned into a shirt and are too lazy to unpin it. Adds interest to your day.
The side seams were sewn up and all matched perfectly. What a great way to end the day.

My theory goes: If you can't see the side seam in the picture, then the plaids match perfectly.


Heather, I joined The Knitting Guild Association. I also belong to the same group on Ravelry. I need to block my beginning knitting swatches and then I plan on taking Taming Your Tension. I want to see what I am doing wrong with my knitting. You can start where ever you wish in their correspondence courses. For me, it was the beginning.


I have to do some house work, laundry and set in the second sleeve. I work four hours - 5:15-9:15 p.m. I am learning new things in that four hours.
Until tomorrow......................

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