Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Yesterday started out cool but the sun shone and it was a lovely day. Today the sun is shining and, though cool this morning, it should be a beautiful day. 


Yesterday morning, we headed out to the park. It was the fourth annual Easter egg hunt put on by a family on the street where the family lives. 
Grandson cannot have the candy in the plastic eggs so he was excited to hide them again as more families arrived. 
In the evening, we went for dinner to celebrate my 65th birthday. The restaurant is in downtown Edmonton and food was excellent. We went to find a geocache after dinner but there were too many people around so we left and got a tour of the downtown area. A great evening!!


In the afternoon we headed out to River City Knitting. I had a great time looking at all the yarn. First scoop was the denim yarn (Forever in Blue Jeans). 
I plan on making Jeweled Cowl out of this yarn. I have some black beads and need to get more so I can finish this project. Or I may get clear or ??? beads for it. I am looking forward to starting this project. 
Next Grandson scooped the Edmonton Oilers colored yarn for more socks. He told the ladies in the store I made the best socks for him to wear. What a compliment to receive. 
I bought yarn to make another long lacy scarf. Mine is in grey to go with my black column. 
Daughter-in-law bought the Edmonton Eskimo colors and I will knit socks for Grandson. 
And lastly, a pair of knitting needles so I can have the denim scarf on its own set of needles. 
I looked at linen yarn and almost bought some. I have to say there are a lot of luscious yarns in that store. I did refrain from purchasing a lot more than I did. 


We are doing the stay at home thing though some of us are going for a good walk to burn calories and look for 2 geocaches. 
Until tomorrow....................


  1. Isn't linen yarn beautiful? I bought a skein to play with, and we have issues lol. It's very crisp, and a bear to work with as a result. It does work up beautifully though, my lys has a cape made from it and it's gorgeous!

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family. Sounds like you're having a great holiday.