Friday, March 11, 2016

Done To The Snaps

We are getting spring here in our neck of the woods. Yesterday's high was 15C or 59F. We experienced high winds and some people were without power. What we had was nothing compared to the coast though. They had some extreme winds. Our mornings range from freezing to warm. Is March being both a lamb and lion all at once?


Yesterday I did laundry and some housework. I also made a pot of spaghetti sauce for dinner for three nights. It was nice to be able to make that for dinner again after February's eat bland food month.
The Spousal Unit was outside doing a bit of yard work yesterday. He found out the muscles in his legs are weak and had to sit down and rest after 20 minutes. He did it twice and is happy to be out in the yard again.
I worked 4 hours last night and we started moving winter fabric to the back of the store. I had to clean up the discounted fabrics, put the camouflage fabric in that area, and then set up two tables. It was fun even if we did work hard. I did cash out last night and all went well in that department.


I worked on the Spousal Unit's shirt yesterday. The second sleeve was inserted and when I sewed up the side seam, the plaid was out by 1/4".
I thought I had smoothed the fabric and straightened out the plaid but I guess I didn't. I did the cuffs and was happy with them.
And then I hemmed the shirt.
I did buy blue snaps for this shirt. The white was to stark and you only saw them.
I bought the print piece of fabric a week ago and the turquoise the other day.
The print is for a top and one part of an infinity scarf. The turquoise is for the other part of the infinity scarf.
As I was cleaning up the discounted fabrics, I found fuchsia ponti and a pink/black/white polyester print. I will probably make pants and top out of them. A muslin that I may or may not be able to wear. That way, I can use the more expensive fabric when I have the pattern fitted.


I work from 1 to 9 p.m. and have some house work to do. If there is enough time, I will start cutting out the bag for our Grandson's diabetic supplies. I need to sew it up and take it with us.
Until tomorrow....................

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  1. The shirt looks very professional. Good job on that. Like the colors for the top and scarf. Do you put the snaps in with a snap setter or with gadget that comes in a package with the snaps?