Saturday, March 05, 2016

Matching Plaids

Yesterday, the weather was warm. The high got to 15.7C or 60F. Though we are having clouds and wind, the weather the past two days has been beautiful.  


On Thursday, I did the interfacings at work. A huge order came in which meant taking the display apart and redoing it. By 9:00 p.m. it was done and labelled. I certainly got to see how many different types and weights of interfacing there is. Woven, non-woven, knit, fusible and sew-in. Then there is a wide variety of weights; very lightweight to craft and then on to fusible fleece. Mind boggling for a newbie, I would think.
I didn't work yesterday and was happy to be at home. I was exhausted from a bad night's sleep. The Spousal Unit was having sore joints again. He slept on and off during the day but I made him eat better than he has been. We had a talk about his health. And, if he doesn't improve, we will have another talk.
I spent some time trying to do the pockets on the Spousal Unit's shirt. The first pocket was off by a mile. I worked on the next pocket and was off by 5/8". The third pocket was perfect.
I have never been so long at matching plaids as I was yesterday. Tiredness does it to you. I did sew the pocket on just before dinner.
I will use the old pockets for the underside of the pocket flaps. The front side will be on the bias.


I work an 8 hour shift so I will not be doing anything when at home.
Until tomorrow.....................


  1. Perfect matching on the pockets!

  2. The shirt looks really nice. You are doing such a nice job.