Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Day Off

Yesterday was another lovely spring day. The high got to 12C or 54F. This morning the temperature is below freezing, which does happen to us in the spring. It seems as if we will be having cool mornings and warm afternoons.


I worked the early shift yesterday. I am still learning the paper work routine. I try so hard that I make mistakes. I also did some receiving of an order by counting boxes of thread when not at cash.
On my way home last night, I slowed down to see what was in a neighbour's yard. There were crocuses in bloom in their front flower bed.
The Spousal Unit is doing well. He is tearing down a wood shed in the back yard. His strength is coming back slowly. His appetite is coming back rapidly. He is eating a lot more at each meal and the weight he lost is coming back on.
The time change caught up with me last night. I fell asleep on the couch. I staggered to bed and slept well. I know this will happen again as my body has always been slow to adapt to it.


I am off work and need to grocery shop, do laundry and housework, and get the snaps on the Spousal Units shirt. If there is any time, I need to start on Grandson's bag for his diabetic supplies. Will it all happen? Nope!!
Until tomorrow.....................

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  1. Glad to hear the Spousal Unit is eating well again. It will be nice when you can get the shirt done and on to more projects. I love projects!