Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The World's Ugliest Infinity Scarf

Yesterday morning it rained and snowed at our level. March certainly came in like a lion. It was so dismal that, after looking at traffic out the window, Elliott slept in the linen closet so he couldn't see how ugly it was outside. Our high was 5.5C or 42F. Rather chilly and damp.


I did some housework ~ laundry and the bathroom. It was such a dreary day that I decided I could do that much in the housework department.
I worked from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. After our staff meeting, I tidied up the notions and restocked scissors and ribbon. One overstock cupboard is almost empty and the other one has two boxes half emptied. Not bad for an evening.
The joke of the evening was a presentation to me. A friend got a meter of fabric that I absolutely hate and made me a super long infinity scarf. I modelled it last night and will wear it at the store next Christmas. What you see is half the length; I can wrap it around my neck 4 times.

We all had a great laugh over the story behind this scarf. Thank you my friend for giving us a great laugh.
The Spousal Unit had a good day yesterday. He didn't sleep at all during the day, ate fairly well, and was talkative. I hope he is well on the road to recovery.


The sewing room was too dark and I couldn't see the plaid very well. So, in the morning, I sorted two more boxes of fabric.


The first box consisted mainly of cottons for the Spousal Unit's shirts. I took out my few pieces and kept all of his. ENOUGH FOR 11 SHIRTS. That tells you how much sewing I have to do for him. I discarded mine except for a piece of gingham that I will use to fit a shirt for me down the road.
The second box was the extra box of knits. I sorted and resorted through them. I kept all of my running fabric. My goal is to run again and I will need clothes for that.
There is enough for 2 pairs of capris and two tops. If I need to, I can buy more when it comes on sale. I then sorted the remaining knits twice. I kept these fabrics.
The top row of black and fuchsia is for a top for Christmas for me. The body will be the print and lined in black. The sleeves and neckline will be in black.  
The white fabric will make a t-shirt. It is a fairly good quality knit. The two prints are to be tops also. The blue one is my favourite. The other one I will dress up with a black knit cowl to take the beige away from my face if I don't purge it when I open the box to sew. It still may go due to the beige in it.
This is the give away pile.
The top 6 pieces are knits ranging from okay to good. The bottom two pieces are cotton/polyester for shirts. I am happy to part with them to the university student. I have about 40% of the fabric I started with when we moved here. That I am feeling joyful about. It is getting into a range that is going to be manageable to sew.  


I did get March's Christmas item made. It is okay and I may have to do another item for the month in Christmas fabric. This item is done in a stripe. More on it later.


I work an 8 hour day. I am not sure what I will be doing today but, if possible, I would like to work in notions. I would love to look behind more doors and get more stock out on the floor.
Until tomorrow............................

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