Sunday, April 01, 2018

Quarterly Thoughts

It is hard to believe that 1/4 of 2018 is gone. It has been a busy quarter in the sewing room.

Month by Month 


  • Getting over the flu was the biggest priority in January but I did get the stash on the shelving unit while recovering. 
  • The Oscar dress was sewn after being started in Kamloops and packed for moving. Happy to have it done. 
  • Started the knitting bag for daughter-in-law's Christmas present. 
  • Knit a black turtleneck sweater for Anna and started socks for grandson. 
  • Knit a denim blue dish cloth. The first of 10 from a book I bought. 
  • Thought the Spousal Unit had the early stages of dementia but he was dealing with recovering from being extremely sick. 


  • Doll sized necklaces were made for Anna to wear with her sweaters. 
  • Leggings sewn for the dolls. Six pairs to be exact. 
  • Infinity scarves made for the dolls. 
  • Sewed and blinged a t-shirt for Kate.
  • Daughter-in-laws knitting bag was finished. Turned out to be really cute. 
  • Wall hanging done to being put together with plastic rings. 
  • Modified and sewed 2 pairs of black wool slacks for the dolls. 
  • Three grey newsboy caps knit for the dolls. 
  • Knit spring colored and a black turtleneck sweaters for Kate. 
  • Finished knitting socks for grandson's birthday. 


  • Sewed up two more bling t-shirts for Anna and a doll I hope to get. 
  • Sewed up three pairs of peach colored jeans for the dolls. 
  • Knit daughter a messy bun hat and then knit a newsboy hat for the dolls. 
  • Modified heavily the messy bun hat pattern for the dolls and made 4 hats for Anna. Kate can't wear them due to her hair style. 
  • Made a double sided fleece blanket for grandson's Easter gift. 
  • Sewed up Easter outfits for the dolls. 
  • Knit a black Back to School sweater for Anna and a white one for Kate. 
  • Crocheted a cowl for Anna and knit a matching messy bun hat out of an oatmeal with denim flecks. 
  • Made four necklaces for the dolls. 
  • Finished a sweater where I am knitting in beads on the yoke. 
  • Finished a sweater that is a premature baby size for Anna.
  • Finished a red short sleeved sweater for Anna of which I learned how to add beads using a crochet hook.
  • Started socks for grandson where I will do a new heel technique. 
 It has been a busy three months due to the weather we had. I am enjoying the fact that I am sewing and knitting the stash. I have been good about not buying much fabric but horrid with the yarn. I have bought a lot of yarn with many doll projects in my head. They are fast knits and I can get through them in a short period of time. I only bought 2 skeins of yarn to knit socks for daughter. People knitting is coming from the stash except for one skein of yarn for a shawl for me. 
I am looking forward to seeing what I will sew and knit in the next quarter of the year. I will also be outside doing more yard work which I do enjoy. 
Until the next time..........................

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