Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bullet Journal Update

It quit raining yesterday morning and there was a cool wind. It didn't get as cold as predicted last night and we may see the sun shine today. 


We spent the afternoon with family. The Spousal Unit, son and grandson got the Spousal Unit peg board, cut it up and put into our garage. Once it is put up, more organization can happen out there. 
Daughter-in-law and I cooked or should we say I helped her cook. We ended up making 4 lasagnas and a batch of pizza pops. I hope to make spaghetti sauce to freeze which is easy for me to do. 
The bullet journal has worked amazingly well for me this week. Today I do next week's spread. I am thinking of adding a couple more things to the journal in May. Finding some ideas I like -- 90 day challenge and menu planning. 


I love looking for sewing room ideas and usually scour Pinterest. This one I found when looking for something else. 
Though my room does not have all the roof angles this one does, I love the simplicity of the room. Her bits of bright color are lovely. This is what I am aiming for using red as my bit of bright color. 
I am not sure how May is going to look but I am not going to start the historical clothing. I will sew the Spousal Unit's shirt and grandson's pj pants. I also want to sew myself a new t-shirt. I am also going to play in the sewing room; the reading corner and some pattern designing.


I am almost ready to publish the messy bun hat for Gotz dolls. I admire those who write and publish patterns and I know it will be quite a while before I do another one. 
I fooled around with yarn yesterday and have decided to knit the Nuala dress in grey and magenta. The welt and pocket tops will be grey and the rest magenta. I am happy with my decision at this time. 
Next up will be the Russian dress. Not sure what yarn I will use as I am getting more and more limited on sock yarn to use for a first knit. I want to knit this dress in expensive yarn when I get the first try right. 


Is moving ahead quickly. I have done internet searches, laundry, and a few other jobs that needed to be done. I have to set up next week in the bullet journal. That will be started soon. 
Until the next time....................

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