Monday, April 23, 2018

Yard Work

Yesterday was sunny and the high got to around 15C. Today is more of the same. 


I spent the morning running in and out of the house helping the Spousal Unit. I finished raking the mulch under the shrubs that run the depth of our property. When that job was done, we focused on the front yard. Another ball game. 
The front yard has one small flower bed under the living room window. In it is three shrubs like the ones going the depth of our property. They have thin sharp prickles on them. There are also three lily plants in that bed. The lily plants stayed, the three others were removed. That meant we had to dig a bed behind the shed for 2 of the shrubs and the third one will leave the property. 
While digging beds and plants up, I edged the flower bed and removed some of the soil. By noon, we were ready for hosta plants in that area. A liberal dose of cayenne pepper will keep the cats out of that bed. 
After lunch and a nap, we finished up the BBQ and it is ready for grilling. And between all of the outside jobs, I got this weeks bullet journal entries done. 
I am remaining steady with the layout. I like it and it works for us. 
I have also written up the 90 Day Goals for losing weight. I am still working through the points to get it all together. May 1 is start date and I am getting excited to start this. 


I knit more on the sleeves and have 25 of the 40 rows knit before the sleeve cap is shaped. Knitting both sleeves at the same time has been great. My brain likes that both will be done at the same time. I want to knit the leg warmers before I start the next project. There is a hat to go with this outfit and if I want it, I will have to buy the book.


 We have to go to New Minas to take soil samples to the Dept. of Agriculture and get our passport photos taken. Once home, we have to get ready so we can work at Son's place Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Until the next time......................

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