Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Nuala Dress Completed

Yesterday was another glorious sunny day with a high of 22-23C. The humidity was low which was nice. Today has started out sunny and warm but it ends tonight. We have rain tonight and tomorrow. 


We headed out yesterday to renew our passports and once that was done, we worked at Son's place. The front flower bed under the living room and office have been stripped of the weed cloth and mulch and the edge cut down ready for edging. The flower bed under the bedroom has been pruned, raked, and ready to have the edge cut down. We got more done than we expected. 


Saving sewing for tomorrow when it is raining. I should be able to sew for a couple of hours. If the weather doesn't allow me to work outside, I hope to finish Kate's outfit. 
I am still working on the reading corner of the sewing room. I keep thinking about what I want beside the table which will hold my knitting projects and has a nice top for a lamp and enough space for a cup of tea or water. 
The other item that I need to address is the doll patterns. The pdf ones will be put into binders and stored in the book case. The ones that I have purchased from McCalls and Butterick will have to be organized into categories and stored in a small cube or a dresser drawer. I need to control the patterns in an organized way. 


I finished the Nuala dress last night. The pattern was hard to remember until I got to the sleeves. The sleeves were easy. Sewing it up took some time as the pockets are finicky. But the overall design is nice. 
I love the color combination and have enough yarn I could do it in reverse. I also have another ball of yarn to make one in also. But not right now. 
Anna is waiting for Laura to arrive as she cleared customs. Maybe in a couple of days. 
Unless Katie 2016 comes back on the market, I may refrain from adopting another Gotz doll. I do love Aspen but it remains to be seen if I adopt her. I want to look at thrift shops to see if I can find an American Girl doll so I can continue to make clothes for her. 
On the knitting front, I have to finish the Billie Baby Jacket and then start the Russian dress that the ladies on Raverly have reversed engineered into a pattern. 


We are back at Son's place to continue working on the front borders. It will be nice to see them done and looking fresh. We are thoroughly enjoying this project. 
Until the next time....................................

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  1. It's so much fun to see the doll creations you put together. A talented stitcher you are! :-)