Friday, April 20, 2018

Pinterest Inspiration Outfit Done

We have several days of rain. There has been some sunshine to help brighten things up. The forecast is for more of this and some snow until tomorrow. Then we are suppose to get warm and sunny. 


With it raining so much, we have not been able to work outside. The lawn goes squish, squish. The Spousal Unit has done some work in the garage and is getting his tools put away. 
I got the housework done and don't have to look at it again until Monday. Then it will be cleaning up again and I hope to tackle the basement also. It has its fair share of fluff floating around down there. 
I saw the respiratory therapist yesterday. I got a new mask for my CPAP machine and learned a few tricks about keeping the filters clean. I get a report sent to me and will see her in 6 months. 
I have started the 90 day challenge by using my SAD light for 3 days in a row. I have changed nothing else as I will start on the next part on Sunday when I do the bullet journal. I am focusing only on Lifestyle until May 1. 


Anna's aqua print outfit is done. The inspiration for what I did came from this picture I found on Pinterest. 
It turned out quite cute and the pattern is quite well drafted. 
I used lace I had in the stash and like how it just meets the waistband on the skirt. 
Paired with the aqua jean shorts is also sweet. I accomplished the look I wanted. Now to get some pictures outside. 
Kate's outfit is started. I have pinned the first row of lace onto the shorts and am ready to stitch it down. I am excited to get them done as I may have to draft these for Anna. Once these items are done, it's on to sewing for us. 


I am working on the Nuala dress and it is almost ready to divide. I had to undo 7 rows yesterday morning and then had to undo 2 more rows during the day. 
Here it is just before I decided to start the waist shaping. The plan is to knit the neckline and the sleeve welts in grey to help break up the magenta. The pattern is very dense and this will be a wonderful winter dress with Anna's silver tights and grey Ugg boots. If there is enough yarn, I will make leg warmers and a hat. But, first I need to get the dress finished. 
I do knit once in a while on the white jacket. It is an easy knit and great to knit a few rows when I am stressed with the dress. 


With it raining and snow in the forecast, I'm not sure what we are doing. I do know I want to get the dress divided sometime today so I will be knitting. If we go no where, I can sew on Kate's shorts. Today is still up for discussion in our house. 
Until the next time......................

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