Friday, April 13, 2018

Grass Fire Excitement

It is wet and windy today. The temperature is 5C or 41C and is suppose to go up to 11C or 52F. There is water running in the ditch. After 3 sunny days, we will accept the weather as it is today. 


The Spousal Unit worked hard yesterday and got 4 more bags of mulch out. Mixing a bag of red and a bag of black together is the hardest part. He did a fair amount of work then headed out with Son to grandson's soccer practice and got 10 more bags to finish up the yard. He was very tired last night. 
On my way home from grocery shopping, I saw a huge plume of black smoke over near our house. When I turned up onto our road, there was a grass fire with flames 8 feet high behind the owners house. A fire truck had just arrived and the fire was moving quickly. Thank goodness there was no wind. We headed out to see how things were going, went to Son's house to turn around and when we headed back home there were 5 or 6 fire trucks at the scene. The fire got very close to the neighbor's house. Lots of people and excitement. 


I sewed on Kate's jeans yesterday and am ready to put the waistband on. I'm ready to sew something else. 


I finished the red sweater last night. I still have to block both pieces. 
Once done, I will do a photo shoot of it on Anna. 
I enjoyed doing the i-cord edging instead of garter stitch. A bit of a different look. 
I am about an hour from finishing the messy bun hat. All of the mistakes are corrected. I need to check the last row before I send it off for the final reading and then I will post it on Ravelry. 
Next up I am planning on knitting a dress for Anna. It is a Knit Along (KAL). I am starting off with the dress and then will add a coat. 
Nuala by Deb Debonair
My color inspirations are 

  • Pink and grey. The dress will be pink with a bit of grey on the pockets. The coat will be grey and if there is enough yarn, I will make a hat and leg warmers. 

  • Pink and teal. Again the dress will be pink with a touch of teal on the pockets. The coat will be teal with a hat and leg warmers if there is enough yarn.
I was going to do orange and grey but will save that for an outfit this fall. 


We are headed to the library this morning and this afternoon we have someone coming to pick up our packing boxes. I do hope to finish the last pair of jeans today. 
Until the next time.........................

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