Saturday, March 31, 2018

Some Serious Thinking in the Sewing Studio

It was a warm and damp day yesterday. The snow is leaving us rapidly especially after a good rain last night. It is nice to see more grass and less snow. 


We had a lovely slow Good Friday. The majority of the stores were closed and we enjoyed the time relaxing at home. 
Late in the afternoon, we headed out to Son's place for dinner. It was chicken enchiladas and carrot cupcakes which I ordered for my birthday dinner. It was delicious.
My birthday gift was peg board and accessories from IKEA. The start of getting better organized. Grandson gave me a diet orange coke. I will be ordering my next doll soon and, with the flowers from Daughter, my birthday was complete and perfect. 


I pinned and cut out the aqua denim jeans. I got 2 pairs cut out and a third set of back pockets. They were sewn onto the shorts I am making. I can now cut out Kate's outfits from the cotton. Mind made up and with a little digging I may have all the items here except for the elastic. 


The leg of the first sock has its 75 rows knit and set aside. The second sock has been cast on and 10 rows knit on it. There is no timeline for these socks but I would like to finish them in April. 
I dug out the yarn and materials for the Learn to Knit course. I am making a large gauge swatch. I want to measure it prior to blocking it and then after I block it. I want to feel the end product to see if I like the tension. If I do, I will start on the swatches which are smaller in size. If I finish them by the end of June, I will be happy. It is not a rush project as I want to do other knitting as well. When done, I will start a child's sweater (size 1) to learn how to adapt sweater patterns.
I am looking at sweater patterns and have ordered in one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books. There is a sweater I love in it. Great to knit in the fall for cold weather. I am also looking at other sweaters to knit over time as well as doing a course on learning how to knit a sweater properly. I am looking forward to doing fun knitting and learning how to do knitting techniques.


 The men are heading out to shop in New Minas. The ladies will shop locally and fool around with the living room furniture arrangement. I will try to knit some on the gauge swatch and the socks plus start cutting out a blouse for Kate. 
Until the next time...........................

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  1. Sounds like progress! How is your bullet journal working for you?