Monday, April 16, 2018

Down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole

Life is grey with lots of clouds. Not a lot of rain though. Though the Atlantic's water temperature is 14C, we are not experiencing warmer temperatures at the moment. 


I have been on a thinking roll and have become quite docile. I have not been in the sewing room for a couple of days. I have knit some but not as much as I had been. Thinking has been on my agenda since I went down a rabbit hole in Pinterest. 

90 Day Challenge

I'm not heading into what is brought up on the net. Nope, nada, no. My 90 day challenge has 2 parts; looking after me and sewing to get some doll ensembles put together. It is to help me focus in these areas.
Researching gave me a great website to read, mull and use. 
I had decided to work on the two goals this writer had chosen; business and personal. 


Business - Gain clarity about the future direction of my business so I stop being stuck in indecision and overwhelm.
Personal - Increased vitality and confidence so I can show up as my best self in all areas of my life. 


Sewing - Gain clarity about the future direction of my sewing so I stop being stuck in indecision which can lead to being overwhelmed. 
Personal - to loose 10 pounds through diet and exercise. That will set me at 10% of body weight lost since joining Weight Watchers. 

Menu Planning

The second area I looked into was menu planning. I have wanted to do this but never got around to it. We decide in the morning and make do. Now I want it to be a focus. Part of that focus is to eat very healthy. I have the shopping list in the bullet journal. Now I need to plan the meals for the week. Friday night may become meal planning night for the next week. One idea is to make a large batch of tomato sauce with vegetables in it so we can have it on hand to make spaghetti, chili and lasagna. I am also going to make a dry rub for our meat. We enjoy that when we cook. I will also do some injections of liquids into pork chops as they do improve their moisture level. Ideas are rolling through my head and I need to capture them on paper. 
I will be building these in my bullet journal so I can track what I need to do. Layout pictures will be added here so you can see my plan.


Is a day of getting a few things done and taking Elliott to the vet for his vaccines, nails clipped and weigh in. We have been keeping him busy by making him chase the laser light and running to get his food. Hopefully he has lost and not gained as we changed his food. 

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