Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunshine Bliss

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day. The sun shone and it was quite warm outside. Today is starting out cool (-3C) but the sun is shining. 


I was home from Bedford before 1 p.m. with a lot of groceries and some yarn. The Spousal Unit had been mixing and spreading mulch while I was gone. 
After we unpacked and put away the groceries, the Spousal Unit put out the chairs we got for Christmas onto the deck. We sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed it. Even if we wore our coats, it was nice to be outside soaking up the sun. 
Son stopped in on his way home from town. Grandson stayed to help put out more mulch and to play with the children who were next door. He even went out and played after supper. 
After several days (5, I think) of using light therapy for SAD, I start eating healthy today. I will be tracking this in the bullet journal for 9 days. I am slowly getting back on track to being more healthy. 


I popped into the fabric store to get more yarn for my knitting project. I spotted these cute buttons and had to buy them. I am sure that the spring button change over is coming soon and these may just disappear in the change. 
I found this website when looking up sewing room organization. It is suiting my needs as I will be working on spiffing mine up over the next 6 months. 
I will be using the ideas for my room. 


The buttons were purchased to go with a skein of yarn I have in the stash. For a coat that will need a button or two on it. 
There is a darker yarn that I can buy to make another coat using the remaining buttons. I am known to make outfits around buttons I love.
The Nuala dress is coming along. The pockets are knit. I have knit the grey cuff for the sleeves and have started knitting the magenta. A couple of days and it will be done as in the yarn ends woven in and ready for blocking. 
The red sweater set is blocked and dry. The short sleeve sweater needs to have snaps put on the back. The jacket does not have buttons on it. I will be ready to photograph it while we have sunny days. 


I will be in and out of the house. I have to help with mulch. We want to finish up the bags we have so we know how much more we need to buy. I have a tiny bit of housework to do and I need to sew. I also need to set up the bullet journal for next week. And I want to sit in my chair in the sunshine. It will be a busy day for us. 
Until the next time........................... 

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