Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Reviving the Bullet Journal

It was a dull and dismal Easter Sunday and it rained. Everything was wet but the silver lining -- the sun came out at the end of the day. Since then, the weather has improved with it being bright and often sunny. Today it is raining which it will do off and on for the next 4 or 5 days.  


When out and about on Saturday, the Spousal Unit found a place to get steaks that meets his standards. He is so fussy about the steaks he buys. We may BBQ next weekend.  
Easter Sunday started slow with us being tired and somewhat grouchy. I did get the kitchen cleaned up so it was clean for dinner. At about 2:00 p.m., Son and Grandson arrived and it was busy. Son and the Spousal Unit got the BBQ put together and Daughter-in-law helped take it out to the back deck. Just racks and a few little things and we can BBQ. 
I have decided to paint the sewing room; as a matter of fact, the whole house. I have to get some paint samples to see what I want. In our previous home, we had grey and this time I am thinking greige. I really enjoyed reading this post on greige and have thought about Mindful grey and Requisite grey by Sherwin Williams paint. I also like this counter top which may go well with the color I want to choose. 
Mindful and Requisite Gray are 2nd and 3rd from the top.
The Bullet Journal has been languishing in a box for quite a while. I have been thinking how to use it now that I have retired. I am thinking about getting a few stickers, setting up the week over two pages with one page in the middle for groceries. The bottom of the week will be thoughts for sewing. I will add an extra page to add what we buy for plants, soil, fertilizer, etc. when that happens. What I had done before worked but didn't work. The bullet journal will go with me when shopping which cuts down on the paper we use and gives me a list of what we buy during the year. We live and learn and I needed to process where I wanted to go with the bullet journal. I will make time to work on it Sunday mornings as it will help me keep focused on what we want and need to do. 


The first project for April was a disaster. When redrafting the pattern for Anna, I forgot to measure in inside leg seam and I had two different lengths. Here it is folded under in the back. 
There was about 1/2" difference in the front and back. I selvaged the elastic and tossed the rest into the garbage can. Back to redrafting the front piece, cutting out the pattern again and sewing it up this afternoon. Two hours and I was done. 
The shorts are not hemmed so they can fray up to a stitched line. If too short, we will cut off the stitched line and sew a new one 1/4" further up. The fit is good.
Now Anna wishes the weather would smarten up so she can wear them outside. 8C is not warm enough to wear them outside. She noticed the children playing are wearing jackets/sweaters and long pants. 
The rest of the aqua fabric is cut out. There is a piece of white with aqua polka dots that could make dresses for the dolls. I will decide when I go to get lace and elastic this week as I need to buy lace for the dresses. I don't have a lot of lace in their stash. Next up is to remove all the pins but one from each piece and start cutting out the Spousal Units shirt. After that I have the pj bottoms to cut out for Grandson. 


I knit a huge gauge swatch using 5 mm needles as suggested by the Learn to Knit course. The swatch is pretty near what the gauge should be. I washed and blocked it and it is still near the gauge. From there, I knit the garter stitch swatch and it is looking good. Am pleased enough not to do another one. I have cast on the stockinette swatch and will knit it over the next few days. We will see how it turns out. 
Grandson's socks are moving along rapidly. The second leg is done and I can start the heel flaps. A quick read of the pattern before I start. I have decided to watch videos on Facebook while I knit. It certainly has helped make the boring part of knitting move along. 
Next week, I want to cast on the long sleeve sweater in red yarn. It goes with the beaded short sleeve sweater. I needed a break from doll knitting to focus on the socks. Knitting the leg is boring as is the foot. 


I will start cleaning off the cutting table and get the dolls clothes into their tray for sewing. I want to start cutting out the Spousal Unit's shirt on Friday or Saturday. It can take me two days to lay and cut out his shirt due to all the pieces on the bias. 
Until the next time.......................

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  1. Those greige colors are very, very pretty. So is that countertop. It will be fun to see it come together for you.