Monday, April 30, 2018

A Fuzzy Brain

The weather has been as such that we have rain part of the day and sunshine towards evening. The temperature is warm day and night. Not hot, warm.


On Friday I headed out to have blood work done for my thyroid. I have been feeling so tired lately I'm sure it will mean an increase in medication. I slept for 4 hours one afternoon and then slept all night. 
We did a trip around town and got fertilizer for the lawn. The Spousal Unit put it on yesterday afternoon when the humidity was 94% and the sun was shining. We know where to get some rock for the bottom of pots which we will get next week. Next up is planters and plants. 
We were to New Minas yesterday to get a dining set for the patio. Saw forsythia blooming of which I do love the bright yellow flowers. The magnolia trees are coming out into bloom and we saw one small and one large tree with creamy white blooms. The leaves are starting to come out on the trees and the fields are green. It was a nice time out with family. 


I haven't been into the sewing room for a while. I haven't had the brain power to sew. Maybe this afternoon I will give it a try even if it is to baste elastic onto the doll shorts. 
I have a lead on an American Girl doll. I am thinking of buying her in case I want to sell clothes. With my brain in a fuzz, I have been waffling around as to whether I want to or not. 
I am still going to try and draft a blouse for the Gotz dolls. I have an idea of what I am going to do and will give it a try and then ask people to test it for me. 


I have set up the second sleeve for the Billie Jacket and need to continue knitting on it. When done I will do some modifications to the pattern so I can do an i-cord trim up the front edges. I'm not liking the edge on this sweater. 
I have to wind a ball of yarn so I can start the Russian dress, my May project. 


I have to start doing housework and try to do a bit of sewing. I need to watch that I don't get really tired even though I need to get the house clean. If there is enough energy left, I will try to do some sewing on the doll's shorts. 
Until the next time........................

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