Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ideas for Updating The Reading/Inspiration Corner

With a day of sunshine under our belts and another day of more sunshine, we are starting to feel that spring just may arrive one day soon. The wind is still cool which is a bummer. 

Sewing Room

As I sat sewing in the sewing room yesterday afternoon, I decided that this sewing room is

  1. Too big. 
  2. Too cluttered
  3. Too unorganized in its set up
I could sew in a closet if it looked like this
I don't have to but this gives me inspiration for my sewing room. 
On the positive side, I do love the size of my sewing room even if it is too large. It allows me to have creative areas. One of my favorite areas is where I have a bookshelf, knitting storage cube, and a chair. I love that I can sit quietly before I leave to reenter the rest of the house. I knit and read my sewing/knitting books there. The Spousal Unit comes in and sits in the chair to visit. In all it is a great area. 

What can I do to improve the space?

The area has a great beginning but has a hodge podge of accessories put into it. Really uncoordinated as I took what I found and put it in the space to have some comfort.  


The walls will be painted a light grey (Mindful grey). The color right now is grating on my nerves. Too yellow, too dark, and too uncreative. It has to be light as this room is on the north east side of the house and I function best in light colored rooms. 

Accent Color

My first choice is red; cranberry red. My second choice is denim blue but I will save that for the family room. 
Trim color will be white. Very white. 
Inspiration for Colors

Ideas for the Reading/Inspiration Corner

As I sat in the room observing the corner as I call it, these ideas popped into my head very rapidly.
  1. Lap quilt in red, white, and grey. Very simple quilt that I have made before. 
  2. Table runners for the top of the book case and cube in the red, white, and grey. 
  3. Wall hanging using cardinal fabric. I can stretch it onto a  canvas. Simple to make -- fabric, canvas, stapler.
  4. Two crates painted white on the outside and the backs painted red. Stack them for a side table in which I can put baskets to hold knitting I do in that room. 
  5. Reduce the number of knick knacks in that area to my favorite. Ideas are rolling in my head as to where the rest can go. 
  6. Buy grey baskets to go into the cube. I can put the green ones into a cube in the closet to hold fabric when the stash is reduced. 
  7. Small IKEA peg board for ideas I want to sew or knit. It has to be an idea board only. 
  8. Small foot stool in grey using a crate. 
  9. Reupholster the chair when the room is done. 
Doing this area will be fun. I can get some of the fabrics from the stash. I may have to buy the white fabric. I will need to buy a lamp for extra light when working in that area. 
Now, to fit doing it into the plan I have. Yes, it will start in May if not before. I can do some non sewing projects first. Painting the room will be first on the list. 

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