Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday Thoughts

Though warm and windy, yesterday was not an outside day. Though the rain stopped, the grass was so wet it was miserable walking in it. This morning it is raining with a temperature of 6C. 


We got our feet wet walking around yesterday. The only thing we accomplished outside was to hang the sun ornament onto the side of the shed. We both had damp feet when we got done. 
The packing boxes stored in the garage went to a new home yesterday. I swept more of the floor and we did a bit of organization. The garage is cold so you can only work for 15 minutes before heading in to warm up. 


I spent no time in the sewing room yesterday. I did order Laura who is Anna's sister. She has dark hair and freckles with a face like Anna's. With that done, I had to think through their clothing. I have decided:

  • No complete look a like wardrobes. 
  • Two of the same kind of outfits can happen for special occasions and I will have to limit that to a specific number of times a year. I am thinking Christmas and Easter in particular. Same dresses and sweaters. 
  • Knitting will be the same though I will use some of the same patterns I really like but in different colors. 
  • If I decide to make same color outfits, I will try to use different patterns. On occasion they can have twin outfits like on July 1. 
  • Small amounts of yarn will be used up for short sweaters , slippers and socks. 
The other thing I am working on is organizing their clothes. Right now, I put them into a small tub but they get full quickly. I am thinking dressers to put their outfits and fabric into. Ensembles can go into large ziplock bags that have white scrapbooking cardboard inserted for stability. Shoes can be kept in small ziplock bags. I am thinking this may work for me. 
Kate is posing a problem at the moment. I want to retire her and get an American Girl doll. I have so many patterns for those dolls. Retire can mean keeping her or selling her with a small wardrobe. I still have months in which to decide. 
Doll clothes can accumulate quickly and I wonder if I should be selling them on Etsy. The ones I am making right now are learning curve outfits. I have some definite ideas up my sleeve on that. To do an ensemble takes between one and two weeks to make if knitting is involved. I may not start an Etsy shop until next year. It gives me time to make a back drop and work on my photography skills. 
I also have to remember that I need to sew for myself and the Spousal Unit. Using the Bullet Journal certainly reminds to do that. 


At Fibre Ops, I started another sweater for Anna. This one is in white to go with other clothes for an ensemble. The pattern is written line by line and fairly easy to keep track of in a group setting. 
I started the Nuala dress and need to buy another skein of Magenta. The bottom welt is done and the 4 rows that make up the pattern is complete. I am leaning towards making the dress sleeveless and adding a lacy coat to the mix. When I go shopping, I will get another ball of yarn in several of the colors I have on hand. I'd love to do this dress in a light purple and lime green. 
There is a group of ladies who are working on a dress designed and knit by a lady who lives in Russia. 

One of the ladies is designing it and writing it up in a fingering yarn. I will buy expensive yarn to knit this dress as it is so beautiful. It will become a Knit Along (KAL). 


I have to pick up two books I ordered in at the library and help Daughter-in-law make lasagnas. It seems as if we are doing a production line for the freezer which is fun. 

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