Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Aqua Doll Clothes

Yesterday it rained. We got about 3/4" before it stopped for the night. Today it is cloudy but we may see the sun shine during the day. It is warm with very little wind. 


Though yesterday was deemed an indoor day, we dashed out after lunch between storms. We picked up a new cushion for our couch. 
We had a lounge cushion on this couch and it was too much for our smaller space. We like this much better. The foil is to keep Elliott from scratching the furniture. It helps. My knitting takes up a cushion and I will be getting a container for it. Trying to keep organized, but still allowing ourselves the opportunity to have books and knitting in that space. 
I used my SAD light yesterday and felt much better than I have for a long time. I was able to meet the weather head on and didn't feel washed out and exhausted at noon. First step taken in the 90 day challenge and I do know I will be using that lamp a lot more than I have been. 


 I sewed a skirt for Anna using a Lilli and Fleur pattern. It is well constructed pattern that is easy to sew. 
When gathering the skirt, I did three rows of gathering; 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8" from the top edge. I find this gets the gathers laying neatly when gathering and pinning them to the waistband. 
The buttons are a bit large but I'm leaving them on as I like them. I only put on four though the pattern calls for 6. I put 2 snaps on to keep the skirt closed and may add a third one. 
It fits Anna and she awaits the top to go with it. 
I am also getting mentally ready to design a front/back button top to go with slacks and skirts. I would like to design it so it has both short and long sleeves. And with any luck, I may be able to add a collar to it. I need to work on this after I finish the aqua sewing and while sewing the Spousal Unit's shirt. 


I did knit more rows on the Nuala dress and am almost ready to do buttonhole #3. It will soon be ready to start the waist shaping. 
The Billie Baby jacket was also knit on and it is slowly coming along. I am thinking of what to sew for it to make an ensemble. Ideas are floating in my head as I do love this pattern a lot. It is longer than the other sweaters I have knit.  
The Russian doll dress pattern is ready to knit and I will have to wind some yarn. It is lace weight and I need to see if it will knit to gauge. It is very fine. 


I have to clean more of the house and do some sewing and knitting. I also need to think more on my 90 day challenge as I am not sure of my mindset goals. I like them but need to reword them. 
Until the next time...............................

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