Saturday, April 21, 2018

And it Snowed........

It snowed for most of the morning yesterday but none stuck to the ground. We then had rain and by evening, it cleared off and the sun shone until it set for the night. We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Not a lot, just a good dusting. Today is suppose to be nicer. 


We have had about 5" of moisture this week and think we should be done with it. But, we know we need more to get the water levels up so we won't have water restrictions this summer. We had very little snow this winter in comparison to other years according to the locals. We forget as dry is what we had in BC.
We were out and about yesterday for a bit and then I did the final push on our medical. All is taken care of and we will roll over to NS medical next week through my pension plan. Everything is good. 
Step one of the pre-90 Day challenge is established. I am using the SAD lamp every morning and it is helping. Next is to add Vitamin C and D. We are probably low in both those vitamins, especially D. I will then start tracking my food again. Taking the time to figure this out has been good as I am now feeling quite a bit better. 
Doll #2, Laura, is in Halifax and Anna stood by the door waiting for her to arrive yesterday. 
This is her disappointed face when we arrived home mid afternoon and Laura still hadn't arrived. 
These dolls are so expressive it is crazy. Laura is the same face mould as Anna but has brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. I ordered her quickly as I didn't want to miss out on her like I did Katie, who has red hair, green eyes and freckles. Katie has a different face mold but is very expressive also. 


I spent some time sewing the lace trim onto Kate's shorts. I am ready to stitch down the elastic waistband. When done, I have a matching shirt to make and then it is on to sewing the Spousal Unit's western shirt. 


The body of the Nuala dress is finished. I finished knitting one pocket and will do the other one tonight. Then it is on to the sleeves. The bottom part of the sleeves will be grey and the top part magenta. I need to get one more ball of each color. The plan is to make leg warmers and a hat to go with the outfit. 


I am heading into Bedford to do some shopping. I have to get some items we can't get here. I hope to be back early this afternoon as I am shopping at the smaller center. I do the big shopping center in a couple of weeks. 
Until the next time.....................

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