Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Successes and Failures

Second day of beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. No rain or snow. Hurrah!! This morning it was -6C and it is to get to 8C today. 


We headed out to New Minas after lunch as I had finished spring cleaning the kitchen. We needed to do a few things and did well in some areas and poorly in others. 


We are now snooping around items for the lawn, beds, and pots. We know we need to add lime to the lawn so I took the Spousal Unit to the Nova Scotia agricultural station. He got the boxes for the soil samples. We got the red and black mulch for the flower beds at a really good price. And we got the slow release fertilizer for the flower pots. We also found out that the supertunias come into the greenhouse between New Minas and Wolfville. We had good success today in the gardening world. 

Sewing Room

The downside of our trip was looking at the crates for the side table and foot stool. Not happening as they are cheaply made. The wood is rough and thin and most of the crates had damage to them. So, I will be going with a white bedside table from IKEA. The foot stool will be another idea either from IKEA or another store. I am feeling bummed about having to buy rather than DIY. 
On the upside, I dug out fabrics for the lap quilt, wall hanging, and table toppers. 
The fabric to the left may go back into the stash unless it becomes backing for table runners. The rest are looking good. 
These also go well and can stay out. I'm starting to see #4 and #5 in the top picture and #1 and #3 in the bottom picture being in the room. 
I also have this this fabric which is a favorite of mine. It could be the wall hanging if I want to stretch it on a canvas or I could put up the huge wall hanging I made out of this fabric. Or I could save it for Christmas upstairs. Decisions!!
You can see cardinals in Nova Scotia. People talk about them here in Windsor. Plus, I love cardinals. 


The red doll sweater has the body complete and the first sleeve is on needles with one row knit. I haven't chosen new projects at the moment as I want to knit swatches to see if they go with a pattern I want to buy for Anna. I will probably knit a quick scarf or hat before I start on more socks. 


The goal is to clean the dining living room area and sew. We have to go out and do a soil sample sometime today and will probably do a couple of things while out. 
Until the next time............................

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