Saturday, April 07, 2018

When Will Spring Arrive?

Yesterday was sunny, cool and windy. They called for snow last night and it came. About 2" fell and it is now raining at times. We have another storm going to give us "significant snowfall" on Sunday. 


We keep asking when is spring going to officially arrive in Nova Scotia. We are stopping as it seems spring is arriving late across Canada. Our friends in BC will be having the winter tires and chains signs up until the end of April. 
Yesterday morning we headed out to the library. The Spousal Unit gets his books and reads while I join the ladies at Fibre Ops. It was a small group yesterday with most people knitting socks. Only 3 people were doing handwork. We chat about good places to buy yarn and needles and help each other out. I do enjoy the group and try to learn something each time we meet. This time I got to help a lady with her socks. 
We sat in the living room most of the afternoon absorbing the sun coming through the windows. The kids were out playing on the streets; bikes, pedal cars, skateboards and roller blades were all seen. One lady even raked her gravel driveway. We could talk about flowers but it will be a while before we can actually plant them. 


I was down to the sewing room to get knitting needles and I need to clean up my sewing table and start pinning pattern pieces onto the shirt fabric. It is time to get the cutting done and the sewing started. It is called focus rather than look and leave. 
I did spend an hour in the sewing room the other day and played with a doll's necklace. I made it 13 months ago to go with a St. Patrick's Day doll outfit that was modeled in the store. It is my first attempt at making this type of necklace. 
I fixed it up so it wouldn't fall apart as it was in 5 pieces in a bag. I am going to take it apart and make two necklaces; one out of the chain with the shamrock and one using green and crystal seed beads. I may have enough chain to make a second necklace for the dolls. A side project that can be done over the month. 


At Fibre Op, I knit on Grandson's socks and did 10 rounds. By mid afternoon, I had the small ball of yarn knit up and started on the second sock. I knit about 10 rounds on it. Sock #2 will be finished first so I can use up the rest of the yarn to finish sock #1. It is going to be close but I think it will happen. 
I started the cardigan to go with the red short sleeve sweater I made for Anna. I want to do an i-cord up the front using a Lucy Neatby idea. I did quite a bit of knitting and took the sweater off the needles to rewind the wool. I wasn't sure I had done it right.
You can't really see the i-cord on the right side. It is very subtle which can be good. You can see the i-cord better on the wrong side. 
I cast on again and tried another idea for 4 rows and it didn't work. So, I unknit and started again as I had done previously. We will use subtle on the right side. 
I'm not too worried about starting again on the sweater as I only have it and the socks slated for April's knitting projects. I will be working on knitting swatches and preparing to learn the techniques used in sweater knitting. If I get bored, I will knit the blue sweater again in the next size larger needles. Getting the socks done by the end of April is at the top of the list.


Our plan to go to New Minas has been scrapped so I will do housework and pin the shirt pattern onto the fabric. I really need to get the cutting out done so I can focus on sewing. 
Until the next time............................

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  1. Hi, Ann, I was wondering what the NS weather was like. Have you abandoned sewing for yourself? Kinda sad, you had lovely plans! Best,to you waiting winter out!