Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Daffodils on a Sunny Day

We had another lovely day with a high of 16C or 61F. The humidity hit a low of 22% which is as dry as Kamloops got at this time of the year. Today is to be another sunny warm day. 


While at the Department of Agriculture in Kentville, we noticed daffodils against the building. They are in a well shaded area and are almost in bloom. 
They could have opened up by late afternoon but should be open today. 
The neighbors bought this play center at an auction and had it delivered last evening. There is a lot of pieces to be put together before the kids can play on it. 
I'm sure the kids on the street will love playing on it. We did find out that the bushes at the edge of our property are some sort of gooseberry/currant bushes. I doubt if they have berries as they have been kept well pruned. 


No sewing was done yesterday as I was tired. So tired that I had a nap instead. 


No knitting last night as we were across the street visiting while the play center was unloaded. But...................
I found the cutest pattern on Pinterest. 
Type in "Little Cotton Rabbit" and see the adorable items this lady has created. Little Cotton Rabbits is her website and her patterns can be purchased on Etsy and Raverly. I would love to knit one for sure but may end up knitting more than one. But, not until next winter. I have too many things planned to knit until then. 


We are going to work on the front flower bed at Son's place. We hope to get the old mulch and ground cover up and I'd like to start edging the bed. We will work until noon as it will be too warm this afternoon to work in the sun. 
Until the next time..............................

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