Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Freshening Up

Today we can see the sunshine but it will be cloudier than the previous two days. Rain will start sometime tonight according to the weather forecast. 


During the morning, I cleaned up the living room and now I need to corral my knitting. I seem to spread it out quite easily on the couch and end table.  
The Spousal Unit and I got the wheel barrow out and by mid afternoon, he had two bags of mulch mixed up and put out. 
He did around the trees also. 

This tree may go and a hydrangea bush/tree put in. 
We both love our yard to look fresh and tidy. Next up will be lime and fertilizer for the lawn. That happens when the soil samples are done. 
Last night I got weighed at Weight Watchers. I lost 8 pounds of fluid. I had gained almost that much after hurting my shoulder and back snowblowing our driveway. I am back on track and moving forward. I'm trying not think about missing my end of March goal and have set it for the end of April. My mini goal should be reached next week. 


I worked on Kate's jeans and am ready to start on the back pockets. Making a 6 PAC for the dolls is a lot of work and is not allowing me to work on ensembles. When done the 6 PAC, I will put the historical dresses on hold and make some of the collection into ensembles. I really want the pieces to be interchangeable but also work as two or three piece outfits. If some of the pieces are knit, I can sew the people clothes I have planned. 


I got a picture of grandson's last pair of socks. 
I am knitting the second sleeve on the red sweater and could have it done today. Then it will be blocking the set and adding snaps to the back of the short sleeved sweater. The remaining red yarn will be put away so I can use it with black and grey to learn how to steek a sweater for Anna. 
I printed the pattern for the messy bun hat so I can fix the mistakes in it. I have circled the ones I saw and am knitting a hat to make sure it is working out for the last time. I am using Red Heart Sparkle yarn which is discontinued. I have an almost full ball in white. 
When these projects are done, I will be taking part in two knit alongs (KAL). One is for a dress which will be grey with orange trim on the pockets. If I have enough time, I will knit an orange jacket to go with it. I can also do a grey and orange hat, leg warmers, and fingerless mitts. The other is a dress some ladies are figuring out the pattern from a picture. It will be a bit before it starts. These will be the end of April projects. 


I am planning on cleaning the entry stairs and landing. It needs a good cleaning. Sewing and knitting are also in the books as is grocery shopping. 
Until the next time.............................

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