Friday, April 06, 2018

April's Sewing Supplies Complete

Yesterday morning's weather was wild. The wind blew something fierce bringing in rain. The rain didn't fall down or sideways but in a zig zag pattern. Never saw that before and sat and watched it. When the rain quit, the sky cleared and it was a sunny but windy day. Today is sunny and cool. 


I headed into Bedford to shop yesterday. I had my list and I planned on sticking to it. I did well actually. 
I could not find the little monthly calendar stickers for the bullet journal. I did buy some other stickers and a bit of washi tape. I felt frustrated though I wonder if I need to have a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. I hate drawing them. If I feel it is important I will suck it up and draw them. So, Sunday morning, I will do next week's bullet journal. It is time to begin it again. 


I stopped at Fabricville to get some notions. I needed lace trim and ribbon. I got it plus the elastic and thread I needed. My one diversion was getting a piece of Nova Scotia plaid to make the doll's skirts. That was after I put away several other pieces of fabric I had laid out to look at. I'm pretty proud of myself. My frustration with the store is how they only bring in a small amount of stock compared to what I am use to.  
I want to sew the dolls each a dress out of white with aqua polka dots. I really wanted aqua ribbon and I found it at Walmart. I have both a white sheer ribbon with satin edges and the aqua to work with on the dresses. Once cut out, they will be the last of the aqua wardrobe pieces. 
I have the fabric laid out to start pinning pattern pieces onto for the Spousal Unit's shirt. Progress is being made and soon I can just sew rather than cut and sew. What I like about planning the month's projects in advance. 


At Michaels I got some crystal beads to knit into the yoke of a sweater. These beads are quite pale and I will have to lay them out on different colors to see if what will work the best. 
I also got white yarn for slips and sweaters for the dolls. A ball of apricot Astra yarn was picked up for a coat to go over a white dress I plan on knitting for Anna. 
I also got a lovely light beige yarn to knit a sweater I am going to make so I have a better idea of what techniques I need to know when knitting sweaters for myself and others. I am going to follow this workshop. First up is to knit a gauge swatch using the yarn I bought. 
Lastly, Daughter chose a lovely deep purple yarn for a messy bun hat for next winter. It has a purple shiny thread in it. There is enough to knit the dolls hats to go with other items I will sew/knit for them. 
She will take hats in all three colors so I can knit them between now and Christmas for her. Some very mindless knitting. 
After I got home, I knit on grandson's socks. The gussets are knit and the foot is ready for boring knitting. 
I was going to order another skein of yarn today but will knit on the socks until Monday and make a decision if I need another skein to finish the socks. If not, then I will order more of it and the yellow/green yarn later on for socks this winter. That way, I will have enough yarn to knit at least 4 pairs of socks this coming winter. It will go into the sock yarn stash until I'm ready to knit it up. 


It is knitting at the library so I will work on the socks while I am there. I am at mindless knitting now so I can knit in public. In the afternoon, I will pin the pattern onto the Spousal Unit's shirt in preparation to cut it out. With so many pieces cut out on the bias, it will take time to get it right. The left over fabric will be for the dolls. No waste here. 
Until the next time......................

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