Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Raining Cats and Dogs

It was pouring rain when we got up this morning. And the wind was blowing pretty good. It is still windy, but the rain has stopped and it is a bit brighter outside. Since I wrote this, it has been raining hard outside. We have had 1/2" fall this morning. 


Elliott made it safely to the vet and home again. His weight remains constant which is good and bad. He was very good while having his teeth checked, his nails clipped and the vaccine given. He was dopey mid afternoon but by evening he was back to his normal self. 
We headed out in the afternoon to get the Spousal Unit some wood strips so he can hang his peg board. He isn't a fan of the kit I bought him as the spacers fall off while he is putting the peg board up. He is working at organizing his stuff and I will be out there soon to do more sweeping. 
I have picked up some paint chips to paint the house. One is the color we painted the house in Kamloops. I still love that color and it is a griege with a darker brown base than most griege have. I have several more to hang up and look at for a while to see what I like the best. 
The 90 Day challenge is coming along and is in the rough draft. 
I will be rewriting it once or twice more prior to it going into the bullet journal This is my first brain storming session. It is good enough that I can follow it. And, I jotted down my SAD light as I used it this morning. 


Pinterest is good and bad and it is a rabbit hole. It gives me ideas I like and then more ideas I like better. Two more ideas are rolling in my head for the reading corner of the sewing room. 
I had thought I would buy a bedside table to put beside the chair. Now I am looking at this cube. 
It may or may not work but I can look at it in Ikea. I am also looking at this cart which could go in that area but move around the room. 
I am still thinking along about what I need and how I will do it. I know I need a place to put items I am working on in the corner. Not just my knitting but my sewing journal. It ends up getting misplaced which annoys me. The cart allows me to have three projects ready to sew or knit. Not as useful as table as there is no place to put my tea cup. But useful to have to see what I am working on. 
I did sew yesterday. Kate's jeans are done and ready to wear for a week prior to putting the button on the front. I do this so the elastic spreads out evenly in the casing. 
I am happy to have the jeans done. That is 5 pairs and 1 pair of jean shorts from two .5 meter cuts of denim. 
When going through the tray to get the next items out for sewing, I found a pair of the peach jeans and the beads I had bought for necklaces. I had forgotten I had them so will be thinking about a design. The metal is hearts. 
After I finish the next pieces, I will be stopping doll clothes to see how I can put together some ensembles. As I do that, I will do people sewing. 


The dress I am knitting was being horrid. I had dropped a stitch and the pattern was wrong. I unknit 4 or 5 rows, picked up the stitch and it was still wrong. I finally unknit it to row 1 of the magenta. 
It was the best decision I made. I have now knit it to row 16 and am pleased with the results. 
The stitches on the yarn will become the outer part of the pockets. I have found that I can't read and knit this pattern as it needs my full attention. 
I will spend a bit of time knitting on the white sweater as I want to finish it so I can see how it works with an ensemble. Having these done will allow me to focus on the Russian dress the ladies are reverse designing. 


I have cleaned our bedroom, done some laundry, knit a row or two and started sewing an outfit for Anna. We will be heading out after lunch to pick up a cushion for our couch. Good bye lounge cushion, hello regular cushion. 
Until the next time..................

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