Tuesday, May 01, 2018

April - Slow Sewing Month

Yesterday was wet and gloomy. Yes, it rained most of the day. Today is to be better and I am sure the sun may shine. 


The Spousal Unit put the new patio table together and I did help him get the legs on securely. Two person job. Now, we can have dinner on the patio on nice days. After we get the umbrella set up. 
I have been working on the family tree. It was time to look at a branch of the tree and do corrections. And to find more information. It is fun to find which names they use for their children and try to figure out where they came from. Some can be traced back generations but others leave you wondering. The other thing I find interesting is how many of the family on one side moved to the NE States. Mostly for work. Then there is the tidbits of information that pops up and you go "Wow!". I have done enough that I can stop for the next several months and have a go at it again later. 
I started my 90 day challenge yesterday. I did well in the eating portion and stopped myself from snacking. I didn't get outside to walk or work thanks to the weather. 


I made it to the sewing room and finished the lace shorts. They turned out cute. Next is to sew the shirt that goes with it. 
To date I have cut and sewn 16.75 meters of fabric of which I sewed .85 meter in April. April was a month of slow sewing due to me feeling tired and being outside doing yard work. 
May is to finish Kate's shirt and sew a shirt for the Spousal Unit and pj bottoms for grandson.  While sewing, I will try to figure out what I want to sew for the dolls next to make ensembles. 
I also need to clean up the sewing room. My next job as I hate it being messy and feeling unorganized. I need to spend a day cleaning up and thinking about the what I need and want in that space. 


I sewed the snaps onto the back of the red sweater. Laura tried it on and it fits perfectly. 
The long sleeved sweater is at least two rows short in the body and probably 3 rows short in the sleeves. 
I do love the pattern as it is well designed. Next up is to make the short sleeved version into a long sleeved version and add another beading design to the front. 
I found another method of doing and i-cord finish on the edge of a garment. The perfect edge finish is well illustrated and I will be trying this on a doll's sweater. This popped up in Pinterest after I wasn't happy with the finished edge on the white Billie Baby Cardigan. 
The Billie Baby Cardigan is ready for buttons. Once that is done, I will wind the yarn for the Russian doll dress. It and socks are May's projects. 


I have some housework to do and then I can sew or we will go to Son's and work on his yard if it is not raining. Either way, we will be busy. 
Until the next time.....................

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