Thursday, May 28, 2020

Exhausted To The Bone

Yesterday was warm and humid. The temperature was 26.7C with a humidex reading of 31C. It cooled off to 17C this morning and we will see it warmer today.


The Spousal Unit finished weed eating the ditch and around the vegetable boxes and worked on the puzzle, I bombed out. 
After breakfast, I went to bed for an hour. I didn't sleep but I did relax. I was exhausted to the bone. When I got up, I was still very tired and dragged around the house all day. Nothing was accomplished as I couldn't do much of anything. I sat and looked at the wall. I did very little that wasn't absolutely necessary. My thyroid has been acting up once again. The aches, the pains, the tiredness is all part of the process. Yesterday my body refused to do anything but rest. Just like Elliott.
As I get my energy back after this episode, I will be working on my diet again. I find keeping my diet free or almost free of certain foods (nuts, sugar, gluten, dairy, and chocolate) helps with the pain and keeping my medication dosage stable. I need to start back on supplements again as I find them helpful. With less stress and more opportunities to be outside working, I hope to have a pain free spell this summer. I am also going to ask the doctor if I can be tested for Hashimoto's Disease as I have quite a few of the symptoms. 
There was one new case of the virus reported yesterday. Of the 19 active cases, only 3 are within the province; the rest in a long term care facility. We continue to be careful and don't go out to shop unless it is absolutely necessary. We try to go out during quiet times. The province is opening up businesses with policies in place. The best is being able to get our hair cut in the near future. A big Yes Yes Yes!! The other big yes is the optometrists are able to open and I can get my new glasses. 


I didn't do any sewing yesterday. I was afraid that the exhaustion would lead to a disaster if I used the serger. I didn't look at drafting the surplice bodice as I had no interest or ability to focus on it. No use doing something only to be frustrated and then toss my ideas into the trash can. 


I did get the pictures of the scarf taken. 
It is quite long so it wraps around Kit's neck twice perfectly. 
I changed the tips of my needles to knit slippers for the dolls and broke one of the rosewood tips. I am quite upset as I love the set. It really was a bad day for me to do anything but, in the end, I did knit slippers for the dolls. I have to make a pair of pajamas to go with them. It will be July's doll sewing. 


I am going to do a few things around the house, try to do some sewing and pick a new pattern to knit. I am feeling better as the attack on my body is receding. I hope to feel better every day as I adjust my habits. 
Until the next time.....................................

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