Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Under A Snow Warning

Our weather has been something else. We got snow, then it warmed up, got cold, the wind blew and today it is snowing hard. The province is under a snowfall warning. We could see a lot of snow fall according to Environment Canada. 


With the snow warning being in effect since our last storm on Sunday, I headed into the WW yesterday morning. I drove in snow the whole way. When I came out from the meeting, the sun was shining. 
I have been watching what I've been eating and tracking. I lost .8lb in 8 days of which I am happy with. I want to keep going with a loss each week. 
My IBS is improving after eating onions, garlic, and sausages over the holidays. I am trying to eat more of the foods that don't irritate me. It is hard, but I'm trying to be disciplined. 
Since removing the insoles from my shoes, my back, hips, and legs are much improved. I still have some pain but it is nothing like it was. 


On Monday, I was out to the fabric shop to get a piece of lace, some fabric for a secret partner gift, and to see what I could find for the next reading pillow and a bag I want to make. I left with it all. But it will be sewn this month. Pictures hopefully tomorrow. 
I am testing the dress and here is the front bodice.
The back bodice is complete and sewn at the shoulders. The bodice lining is also done. I'm ready to start the sleeves. When the bodice is done, I will have to wait to see about the skirt. The designer is having a look at it as one tester said it is too big for the waistband. The verdict is out - the waistband is 1" too short. But will it fit the bodice is the next question. 


I am on the last row of the doll's dress. I had to lengthen it by 11 rows as it was too short. I knit to gauge for stitches and I know my rows are off. I'm 12 row per inch where the pattern is 10.5 rows per inch. I'm glad it is almost done as it is such a sweet pattern. 


Housework, laundry, sewing the bodice of the dress and finishing the knit dress is in the books. I bet I'll be shoveling snow also. 
Until the next time..................................

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