Friday, January 03, 2020

A Sparkly Project Completed

We had another typical winter day. Temperature got to 3C, the sun shone, the wind blew, but we had no snow or rain. Today is going to be warmer they say. 5-8C for a high. 


Yesterday morning I did a bit of laundry before heading out to get grandson. We are working on his science project. We had a good 90 minutes rewriting his essay. We aren't done but we are about 75% done. 


I spent the afternoon in the sewing room. I made a pattern to fit the bottom shelf of the table we use for the Christmas tree. I cut out the last of the snow storm fabric in it plus 4 - 5" squares for 2 mug rugs. The backing needs to be pieced before I can cut it out along with 6 squares. I will have used up the full 2.5 meters of fabric when this is done. 

I had a huge urge to have a completed project so I spent two hours making a back drop for the nativity scene. Armed with a video, staple gun, fabric, and painter's canvas I got the first part of the project done in good time. 
The next hour was spent putting hot fix crystals onto the stars. When happy with what I did, I used my trusty hot fix gun and attached every  one to the fabric. The end result was a twinkling night backdrop for the nativity. 
In real life it twinkles beautifully. It and the cardinal backdrop will be bagged and put away today. 
Once done that, I downloaded a bunch of patterns with an 18-50's - 1920's theme. I'm hoping to start a prairie dress once I get the first batch of Christmas sewing done. 
I would like to make a new bag pattern using this fabric. 
I will have to see if I can fit it in this month. I don't want to loose sight of sewing up the Christmas fabric. 


I am working on the dress and am getting closer to casting off the arms. Even though this is the third time I've cast this on, I'm still enjoying the knit. 


Grandson is coming over to finish his science paper, getting groceries, and we wait and see. If the sewing machines come in early, I'll head in to get them. If not, I may trace a doll's pattern. 

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