Thursday, January 09, 2020

And It Snowed

Yesterday was a day of snow. It started at 7:30 am and stopped about 7:30 p.m. A good foot fell during that time. Today is going to be cooler and windier with little or no snow. 


I did laundry and some housework yesterday morning. The Spousal Unit went out after 4" fell and started shoveling the driveway. He came in and did more in the afternoon. 
When he was finishing up, neighbors came in and helped get it done. 
They even did the back deck citing we needed two ways out in an emergency. This lovely crew was out again last night clearing another neighbor's driveway just before they got home from work. 
This morning another neighbor was over and snow blowed the roll of snow in the driveway. We get a roll every time they plow, which was done during the night. We live in a wonderful neighborhood with great people around us. 


I decided to sew in the sleeves of the test pattern. When done the first one, I had sewn it to the front waist of the bodice. I took it out and got them both in. The sleeves are now ready for me to put the band on the sleeve edge. That will be interesting. I'll photograph the process. I'm really sewing slowly on this dress. I have to cut out the skirt and waistband. The waistband has to be 1" longer than the original pattern. 
I got this fabric for a Market Bag I plan on making. 
The plaid is the lining and other two are the outside of the bag.
There is a hint of blue on the cat's face between the ears hence why I got blue fabric. 


I got the doll's dress done to putting on the buttons. Mine are too big. I will get smaller ones on Wednesday. 
I started on a child's sweater and am following Sweater 101 by Cheryl Burnette. I had already done the gauge swatch so I filled out the worksheet, did the calculations with her using my gauge and got started. I did the ribbing wrong so had to cast on again. If you plan on following her class, read the written instructions carefully about the ribbing. 
I got the ribbing done and am working on the back. I will be knitting in thread at 5.5" to mark the armhole start. This has been a good project to do after several doll patterns. 


I am hoping to get out to the post office this afternoon. I have a package to mail. This morning is housework and I hope to sew the arm bands onto the sleeves. Knitting tonight. 
Until the next time.......................

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