Monday, January 20, 2020

A Lot of Great Neighbors

Yesterday was a snow day. It snowed most of the night and  all day until about 5 p.m. They say we had 11.5 cm of snow which is almost 5". The temperature went from -12C to 1C. This morning, it is -3C and it is suppose to get cooler. 


Our neighbor was out snow blowing early and the next thing we knew, he was doing our driveway. What a great surprise. I headed out to shovel the driveway where the snow blower can't go. The Spousal Unit swept off the car and I got a lot of the driveway done. 
The Spousal Unit went out to clear the deck. A wide pathway and the stairs for easy access. Before he knew it, another neighbor and his two small children were helping him. Another surprise. 
The third surprise happened in the afternoon. Bang went the garage door and daughter-in-law was clearing our driveway. After she was done, the Spousal Unit threw salt on the driveway. 


After finishing the Market Tote, I hauled out the strips of fabric used in the piping. I made 3 meters of piping for daughter. 
I wound it up and it is ready to be put in a small bag. 
I still have a fat quarter of the fabric and will make more later on. I want to make 2 more lengths of piping and ship a box of fun to her. 


I watched the video on weaving in the ends on the sweater and got that done. I did learn a few things. Next up, I figured out and cast on the button band. I knit it and am ready to sew on the buttons. I have the buttonhole band and collar left to knit and I'll be done. A great learning curve. 


The Spousal Unit goes for bloodwork this morning then it's home to do a few things before I start on an embroidery project. I'm sure I will be stressed out before the afternoon is over. It is all about placing the two patterns onto the fabric to make one design. I will knit tonight and do a bit more on the sweater. 
Until the next time....................................

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