Monday, January 13, 2020

Test Pattern Completed

With 14C temps on Saturday, most of the snow melted. What was left was the bigger snow piles. Yesterday morning we woke to rain which turned to snow which turned to freezing rain. There is almost 2" of snow on the ground with a layer of ice on top of it. 


We ventured out about 3 pm to have dinner at the family's house. I helped grandson with his science fair project. We got the last paragraph fixed up. That young man has good ideas and just needs some help getting the reading flow right. 
When we came home, the car had a coating of ice on it. I got it scraped off fairly easily. The roads were good as they had been scraped and salted. 


I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon in the sewing room finishing up the test pattern. A lot of sweat went into the skirt which didn't want to fit. I pleated it twice to get it to fit. I got it on at noon. I did all the hand sewing and snaps in the afternoon. 
It needs a cream ribbon at the waist. 
This pattern really stretched me and I'm glad that I took my time to sew it slowly. It is full of details that kind of scared me at times. I kept saying "One stitch at a time" as I sewed. 
Next up - something easy -- piping. I want to sew a few meters of it for a day or two. Then I want to start a bag. On the list is another Victorian era dress which is a lot easier to make. 


I got the front of the sweater knit and then sewed the shoulders together. I looked and the third stitch from the beginning was dropped. Undid it and am ready to start again. 
I love how Cheryl Burnette cast off the shoulders. She used a crochet hook. I tried it and it is easier than doing a 3 needle cast off. Look at Part 6 on this website.


Housework, a bit of shopping, and some sewing is in the books. Then knitting tonight. 
Until the next time.................................

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