Friday, January 17, 2020

A Nasty Day Today

Yesterday we had snow and last night the wind came up. Today we are experiencing snow showers and high winds. It is not a pretty day. 
While watching the snow blow, I actually lost sight of this house which is across the street from us. 
Looking down Underwood. The visibility was poor. 


The Spousal Unit went out in the afternoon to clear the driveway. As soon as he was out the door, the boy from across the street was over to help. He mimics the Spousal Unit and it was a delight to watch them clean the driveway. 
I did sweep floors and do a bit of housework. I rested a lot as I am not feeling 100%. It could be my thyroid needs a boost. 


I got the last picture of the dress. I puffed up the sleeves. 
I also spent some time fooling around with the embroidery program and have the wall hanging planned. I will do it on one piece of white fabric with a snow border. There will be two hoopings. Goal is to do it the 27th to the 29th. 


I sat down to start the second sleeve and when I looked at the first one I saw that I had picked up 10 stitches wrong. It stood out like a sore thumb. So I ripped out the sleeve and redid it. It is finished and I have started the second sleeve. Am I upset that I've knit this pattern, ripped it out, and knit it again. No, as I am learning a lot from my mistakes. 
My next pattern is picked as there are no patterns to test. A dog sweater for daughter's dog. I will have to buy yarn for it but that is fine. I'm thinking Paton's yarn in an acrylic so it washes easily. 


I would like to say I'm full of energy to do a lot. But, I'm not. I plan on having a nap and doing some sewing. Knitting and that is about it. 
Until the next time...................................

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