Thursday, January 02, 2020

Christmas Projects Cut Out

Yesterday was a warm day with a high of 6C. At 8:00 p.m. it snowed enough to whiten the car. This morning it is 1C and the snow is basically gone. 


I did some housework yesterday as the house needs to be worked on again. The bathroom was the targeted area. The goal is to work on an area most days. 
We were out for dinner at family's and we took a box of extra and never to be used again tree decorations over there. They will go to daughter-in-law's work place for the tree they set up. Something more purged from the house. 


I started a new bullet journal for weight loss. I want to write a few words daily and keep track of how I am doing. With my gastro issues flared up from the holidays, I need to work on my self care goals. Part is tracking food and activity, part is writing in a journal and part is making sure I'm healthy. 


I am so excited to be working on Christmas fabric. I'm almost beside myself having it out. Crazy but that is me all over. 
I cut out the tree skirt and table toppers yesterday. Though the two pieces of fabric were kind of blah alone, when together and cut out, they are quite cute. The dark fabric is one of my "why did I buy that piece?" fabrics but it is perfect for backing. 
The paper beside the dark fabric is the sizes I needed to cut out for the table toppers. I call it my recipe. All that is missing is the flannel as it needs to be laundered. 
The left over bits aren't too bad either. 
I am going to make 2 mug rugs from some of the fabric. Instead of 5" squares, I am going to make them 6". The remaining fabric will become a table topper for the bottom of the Christmas tree table. I just need to make a pattern. I will get all of these items out of 2.5 meters of fabric. I still have to measure the flannel. 
This is the remainder of the fabric from the pile I pulled out in December. There is 5 meters there and go well together. 
Ideas rolling in my head for them.

  • Table toppers for dining room table and buffet. 
  • Tops for tea towels that are Christmas themed. 
  • Painter's canvas for the small hall - down by the guest room. 
  • A wreath that sits on the table if there is enough fabric left. I have to find and buy the pattern and precut foam pieces. If it happens great, if not, I'm fine with that. 


After a bit of frustration, I had to throw away part of the dress I was frogging. I started again and am paying closer attention to the pattern so I won't make the buttonhole mistake again. Yes, I had a buttonhole in the wrong place. I will get this dress done correctly.


I need to do a bit of housework prior to picking up grandson for help on his science fair project. He and I are rewriting his information essay. I would love to do the painter's canvas for behind the nativity scene. Then I can put it away until next year. If time, I want to cut out the 6" squares for the mug rugs.
Until the next time...................................

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