Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Embroidered Wall Hangings

We have had cold weather the past few days. Yesterday's high was -11C. The nicest part was the sun shone all day. Last night the temperature went down to -16C. It should be sunny and warmer today.


This week has been busy. The Spousal Unit had to give blood  for the cancer clinic. Yesterday I had to go in to respiratory therapy for my C-Pap machine. All is great there. Today is hair appointments. 
I've taken a week off from Weight Watcher's. I needed a week to relax and enjoy some extra foods. I will start again tomorrow watching what I eat. I am tired but do have my blood works done next week. 


I've been working on this month's embroidery project. I sat and designed and my first project was a flop. Second try and one letter was off. Third try and I'm ready to either add 3 buttons or 3 more embroidered snowflakes. 
The fabric is to be cut 3/4" to the right of the W and the same to left of the snowflake. Top and bottom will be the same; 3/4". I will back it with fabric and bind it like a quilt. I have fabric left to make another Snow wallhanging. 
While I was playing, I did February's wall hanging. 
I may have to buy fabric for this one as I don't have any Valentine fabric. 
I also am playing with this design as I love the Tweet birds. 
The colors haven't been fixed up yet so it does look a bit dingy. But the idea is there. I'm going to have fun with this one as I have time. 


I got the buttons for the sweater and need to sew them on. From there I can do the buttonhole band and collar. Then on to the next project - a sweater for daughter's dog. 


Out for hair appointments and then working on the wall hanging. Knitting tonight. 
Until the next time.......................................

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