Sunday, January 05, 2020

Machine Purrs Like a Kitten

We have had some warm weather the past couple of days. A high of 7C on Friday and 5-6C yesterday. We are waiting for the snow to arrive today. So far nothing. 


We took advantage of the warm weather on Friday and took down the outside decorations after lunch. The wreath on the front door and the artificial flowers in a pot on the front step will be stored in the next week or so. I like the front area empty when it snows. 


The sewing machines were picked up Friday afternoon and set up yesterday morning. It is nice to have them back home. 
I hemmed grandson's school pants in the morning and had them home right after lunch. When I got home, I decided to try out the sewing machine and it purrs like a happy kitten. While testing, I made these mug rugs
They are now in the tub for finished Christmas projects. 
I laundered a bunch of the doll's fabric as I am starting a test pattern. It is an 1830's Victorian era dress, which is great as I can showcase it for Valentine's day. This is the first of two dresses I will be testing this month. 


I worked on the dress and have the sleeves cast off, under the arms cast on and have started the shaping for the waist. I'm really paying attention to the pattern and I don't want to have to start this pattern again. LOL.


This morning will be housework and this afternoon will be the test pattern. Tonight, more knitting. 
Until the next time...........................

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