Saturday, January 18, 2020

Progress On The Market Tote

The snow quit yesterday morning but the wind blew until sometime during the night. Then it cleared off and got colder. This morning it is -15C with a wind chill of -22C (which it has been for almost 24 hours). Today is to be cold and sunny with snow starting tonight. 
We didn't complain much about the weather yesterday as parts of Newfoundland were under blizzard and storm surge warnings. The wind did get on our nerves but we kept a positive attitude. 


No shoveling yesterday. The wind kept our driveway clean from snow. I did do a bit of housework but was tired so did rest a lot in the morning. 
Elliott was cranky yesterday morning. He laid on our bed making angry noises due to the wind. He finally crawled under a blanket and slept until mid afternoon. He woke up in a better mood. 


I worked on the Market Tote. (This link should work.) I put on the magnetic snap on the front pocket. 
I reinforced the back of the fabric with interfacing and then covered the back with a bit of batting. Once done, I put the iron on fleece on the inside. 
I do like the bigger pocket in the front for a cell phone. 
The sides are now pinned together and I can start sewing the bag together. I'm hoping to get the bag done by Monday. 
The next decision is whether to put piping on the handles. I have to wait until I get to that step in the instructions. It seems doable when I read the instructions through for the first time. 


Yesterday was knit up the side and underarm seams of the sweater. I watched the video first and then rewatched and did the sweater. Not perfect but not bad for my first try. Next up is weaving in the ends. 
Once the sweater is done, I will have to buy the yarn to make daughter's dog a sweater. It will be a fun knit in acrylic yarn. Color will be a dark teal heather. 


I'm not totally sure what is on the agenda as grandson could be here for tutoring. If not, housework, sewing, and knitting. 
Until the next time..................................

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