Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Piping Kind of Day

Yesterday was a dull grey day that was cool. Not cold, just cool at -4C. Our biggest obstacle was the ice. Everything was coated and hard to remove. Today is to be warmer but we have snow coming. 


While I did some housework, the Spousal Unit chipped away at the ice and then threw some salt around. We would love to get the ice gone before the snow but I don't think it is going to happen. We have very little warm weather this coming week. 
The roads are in great shape when I was out to get some groceries which is nice. The traffic is moving fast this morning so the roads are dry. 


I did some easy sewing yesterday. I made piping which was .3 meter of fabric used up. The total amount of piping was 2.7 meters. 
This was the first one I made. All I could see was it with denim. Amount of piping was 2 meters. 
The second batch of piping was more with 2.7 meters. 
Another denim shirt daughter said. 
The blue fabric used to showcase the piping has been cut into piping (half of it). I have just over a meter of piping made and more to go. It is for the Market Bag I'm going to start tomorrow. 


I started to do the three needle cast off on the sweater and took it apart and redid it. It is done. I spent the rest of the evening reading prior to starting the next step. That will be the sleeves. 


I'm off to Weight Watchers and to get a few things in the city. I want to be home in good time. I'm not sure what I will get done in the afternoon. More piping? Knitting? Who knows.
Until the next time................................

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