Sunday, May 22, 2016

Two Very Busy Days

Yesterday was cool and wet in the morning and then the sun came out and it warmed up but was well below normal temperatures. It is cloudy again today. As one person said "Typical weather for the long weekend in May".


After working until 9 p.m. on Friday night and a full day yesterday, I headed to bed early to catch up on my sleep. It was very busy at the store and we all left tired and sore. But the store was cleaned up both evenings in preparation for the next day. Such great team work.
The Spousal Unit worked outside in his shop yesterday afternoon cleaning up and removing a dog house that was built into it. He said he wasn't too tired last night but we will see what happens today. He is happy to be feeling so much better since his bout of pneumonia.


I haven't stepped into the sewing room for 2 days. The base for the tent sits waiting to be cut down to a smaller size. The fabric to cover it with is in there also. It calls to be finished but that won't happen until tomorrow. When done, I will clean up the room and start the next quick and easy project. I need to do them to de-stress from sewing the tent and to get some store projects done.
I also have to sort through the doll clothes fabric and organize it so I can have an outfit in the making at all times. The patterns are being organized into file folders for easy access. I am hoping it will all fit into a banker's box. If I don't shut my eyes to fabric, it may not. I found a couple of pieces of flannelette for pyjamas I loved.


I work from 12:15 to 5:15 p.m. I need to do a bit of housework this morning and clean up the tent pattern.  
Until tomorrow......................

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