Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Small Sewing Plan

Yesterday was another lovely day with a high of 26.6C or 80F. This morning is cloudy and warm but I am not sure how hot it will get. Depends on if the clouds blow away or not.


Yesterday was day three of working and day two of a big sale in the store. I worked cash all day though I did get the chance to cut for a couple of people late in the afternoon. I do enjoy cutting for people.
The Spousal Unit hit boredom yesterday. He got all the small chores done in the yard and had nothing to do. Good I said as he could rest. Rest he did but he felt antsy.


I haven't sewn for three days as I have been working. I have bought fabric for the 18" AG doll clothes and have a bit of a denim wardrobe planned. But, I need to:
  • finish the doll tent
  • sew the table topper and napkins
  • sew a reusable grocery bag in a Navajo print
  • sew a bag using a maple leaf fabric in red/cream
In between all of that, I will sew the doll clothes.


Nothing done but look at it for three nights. I will get back at it again. A person can't knit and nap at the same time.


I am home for the day and need to get a few things for the back yard. The Spousal Unit wants to finish up the rose bed. I have a lot of laundry to do and I really want to sew.
Until tomorrow....................

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