Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Socks For Doll Are Done

Yesterday the weather was a mixed bag. Sun, clouds, and rain. The high was 20C or 67.8F, which is a normal temperature for us. This morning it is sunny and cool.


The Spousal Unit go some more of the vegetable plants planted yesterday and found the fertilizer we use in the shed. I would love to take everything out of the shed, sort it again, and do what needs to be done in there so it could be organized. Not happening at the moment. The Spousal Unit is not strong enough to help me out.
I did a few things in the house and then settled down to sew. The tent was really on my mind. As I sewing, I did some thinking about this house. It is on hold for the moment as a friend is going to paint it for us. I am wanting to purge some more items in preparation so am going to have to plan my days off wisely. I am going to have to look at each room and decide on how I want to finish each room up after it is updated and painted. I start with the guest room according to our friend.


The tent is coming along nicely now. I put the trim on the front and back and it looks much better.
It stands out and makes a bit more of a statement.
The main part of the tent is large; larger than I thought it would be. I cut it out of a piece of black cotton I had on hand. The lining is lime green broadcloth like I used on the front pieces.
I stitched 1/4" out from the window openings to hold everything in place prior to cutting them out. There are green ribbons attached to the bottom. I have marked the next row of stitching with a piece of dressmakers chalk. There is still one cushion cover remaining and I am thinking of using it for the roll up/down curtains for the windows. I still need to buy some screening, doweling, and a piece of foam board for this project. But it feels good to be this far along as it is more labour intensive than I thought it would be.


I set up the second doll's sock last night and had it done to grafting the toe together before bedtime. I finished them this morning.
I am thrilled with the socks and will be using this pattern to make more.
I will make mostly the knee high length though I can see a few pairs of the regular length being made also.
Next are the mittens.


I work from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. as we have a staff meeting. I plan on doing some housework this morning; laundry and moving the couches around to find the remote and wash under those pieces of furniture. I saw a layer of dust under there looking for the remote. Not what I wanted to see. I may do a bit of sewing on the tent if I have time.
Until tomorrow.............................

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