Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Knitting and Thoughts

Yesterday was another lovely day with a high of 23.5C or 74F. This morning it is partly cloudy and thunderstorms are in the forecast.
I spent a goodly amount of time cleaning the living room. I dusted some more, washed the floors under the couch and loveseat and found the remote. Blankets were shook outside and all looks lovely in that area of the house. As we moved the furniture, the Spousal Unit and I talked about new furniture. Once again we are talking about 4 chairs and 2 to 4 footstools.
I took a peek into the guest room to form some ideas of what I want that room to look like. The walls will be grey, the trim and doors white, and the headboard will be black. The white faux wood blinds will go and be replaced with new shades. I want to get a white duvet cover for one of the down duvets and then add teal to the room. Pillows and afghan for sure. Now to find the fabric and yarn. Ideas are perking away.
I worked for 4 hours last night and got 2 hours to put away some notions and to put some of the overstock into a box to return to one company. YES!!! After the staff meeting, my team tidied up the tables of fashion fabric. We got almost all of it done. Another YES!!
The excitement of all that was gone after I read that a good friend passed away from cancer. He was a person I had so much respect for in the teaching world. My heart goes out to his wife who is also a good friend. I have a lot of fond memories of him.


Not much got done in the sewing room yesterday. I did get my little list figured out to finish up the tent and will get most of it today and tomorrow. I need to finish up this project as we need to do both maple leaves and Navajo print projects for the store. I have two or three to make which will take me a few weeks to do.
My wardrobe plan has been set aside at the moment. I need to start eating healthy again and start walking a bit in the morning on my days off. The Spousal Unit being sick threw me off my game plan and I am still worrying about him doing too much. Yesterday he mowed the front lawn rather than wait for someone to do it on Friday. He was quite tired when he got done. I worry about a relapse.


I started to knit a sweater as part of an outfit but the colour way isn't right. The pink is not blending in with the colour of the pants and jacket I had made.
I've had this yarn in the stash for about 8 to 10 years. I bought it from a craft store in Dawson Creek. It was expensive yarn and I had thought of making adult socks from it. Never happened. But, I can make a pair of navy or black pants and it will look great with it. I will add socks and a beanie in the same yarn. If all goes well, I will add a fabric jacket and have a mini wardrobe for the doll.
On my way to work (early) I stopped in to visit the newest yarn shop in Kamloops. It is literally a 5 minutes drive from work. I fell in love with the shop. The lady has it well arranged, clean, and bright. The yarn is delicious and I will be buying some wool from her. Ideas are churning in my head.


I am off work today and we have to see the doctor. Me for prescriptions, the Spousal Unit for a check up. I want to clean up more this morning and the dining area is my target area. I may start another project also but am not sure. It is a time factor as I work the next three days.
Until tomorrow......................

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