Monday, May 23, 2016

Modelling Doll Clothes

Yesterday was another cool day with a high of 16C or 61F. It also rained a good 1/4" in the afternoon and probably more in some areas of town. This morning is a bit warmer than yesterday morning and there is more rain in the forecast.


Yesterday morning seem to float away and before I knew it, it was time to leave for work. It was fairly busy at work though we had a few much needed slow spells.


I tried the outfits I have almost finished on the doll. I need to add snaps to the pink outfit and make a t-shirt to complete the look.
The next outfit needs snaps on the jacket and a t-shirt.
The idea of making these cute clothes is quite appealing. I have a box of fabric to sew up as I got most at heavily discounted prices.
Once these two outfits are done, I want to make some dresses. I have cotton and organza for them. I may have to buy some ribbon to complete them.


I am not working so want to finish the tent before we go see friends east of town. That way I can deliver it on our way.
Until tomorrow.....................

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