Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is the Sweater Too Small?

Yesterday was a cooler day with a high of 22C or 71F. Today is suppose to be cooler and damper. It is cloudy and looks like it could rain.


We had to head out in good time yesterday morning for the Spousal Unit's ultra sound. Parking at the hospital is a pain but we got a spot and it was free. Someone gave us their stub. Yes!! He was done in less than an hour which was great. After a quick fast food breakfast, we did our shopping and came home.
In the afternoon, we had to go out again and on this trip, we found out the Spousal Unit can get his chest X-ray a 5 minute drive from the house. That is so nice as we don't have to drive across the city for that. Another YES!!
The front and back yard are looking super.

The weiglia bush we planted last fall has a lot of blooms on it this year.

 All the plants but two were planted this spring. One of the flowering bushes was saved from the mess and the other one planted last fall. Lots of space between the plants as they do grow to be quite large.
The backyard is so much better than when we arrived last year. The lawn was redone last summer and the apple trees removed.

We still need 8 to 10 bags of mulch to finish up this part of the yard. The two newest fairy gardens are done and I need to have a couple more pots of flowers in one section.

In all we are happy with the results and I have to say the Spousal Unit did most of the work.


I worked on the tent yesterday and have the ends sewn in. I even have the seams covered with white bias tape I had in the stash hand stitched on the two back seams.
The front piece will be done this morning and I can go get the last of the supplies. Yes, I feel crazy spending so much time on the tent.


My partner in crime decided to sit on the back of the couch to watch me knit. A first for him. He usually tries to sit on my lap when I knit.
I did finish up the sweater and tried it on the doll. It fits to perfection but I am afraid it will not go on once it is sewn together.
The pink shoulder closes with two buttons. I do plan on finishing it and seeing if it works. If not, I will go up a needle size and redo it. I have enough yarn for another sweater and the socks. The sweater and socks will look great with black pants and skirt. I may unravel the sweater and make a hat to go with the outfit. Thinking, thinking.


I am home again today so want to finish the tent and do some house work. It is doable, I think.
Until tomorrow............................

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