Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Another Update

Yesterday was a tad cooler at 27.6F or 81.7F. It was humid making the store's a/c seem non existent. This morning is cloudy and 16C or 61F. A bit cooler again today.


I did my 8 hour shift yesterday and we cleaned the store. At the end of the day, I inventoried the surplus of scissors and taped the boxes shut. It was a great stress release day for me.
I went to visit the Spousal Unit last night. He was calmly waiting for me. His temperature has been just below 37C (normal). He had a busy day with a second CT scan and a spinal tap. He ate well and gobbled down the cookies I brought up to him. I need to go cookie shopping again. He knows he will be in the hospital until tomorrow but I suspect it will be Friday.
I stayed for an hour and he announced at 7:15 pm he was tired and going to sleep. I helped him settle in and he slept all night according to the nurse I talked to this morning. That is great as he will heal and get better.
We talked about the fire at Fort McMurray Alberta. We have friends who work up there. Every one has been evacuated (about 80 000 people). The fire was up to the only road in and out of the community. They don't expect much of the town will survive this fire. We looked at a few videos on my phone.


I work another 8 hour shift today and will head out to get a few items and visit with the Spousal Unit. Then home and do a few things in the house. I am not doing everything as I need to keep my strength up.
Until tomorrow......................


  1. My brother, his wife, and two of their children and one daughter in law have all had to flee Ft. Mcurray. I am waiting for him to arrive here any minute. You never think it will happen to you, and then it does. Get well wishes go out out the Spousal Unit. Sounds like things are stabilized and beginning to improve. Look after yourself.

    1. Heather, that's awful. The fire has been in the news here in the UK and it looked so frightening. I hope your brother and his family are all ok. One of my work colleagues was fretting all day waiting for news from an elderly aunt and uncle who live in Ft Mcurray - it brings home how small the world really is.