Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Tent Is Complete

Yesterday started out cloudy and dreary and ended up sunny, warm, and humid. The high was 24C or 75F. This morning is suppose to be sunny and this afternoon we have chances of showers.


In the afternoon, we visited with friends and saw their new home. The two boys (ages 10 and 7) were excited to show us around. Their lot is close to the highway and very noisy outside but you hear none of the noise in the house. It is very well constructed and they love living there. The boys have a 2 minute walk to school and there are lots of children to play with.
Swans at the Wildlife Park
We ended our visit by going to the wild life park with them. We wandered around for over an hour before we left. The Spousal Unit was getting tired.
We all enjoyed the bears though I only photographed the grizzlies.
At the brown bear pen, one of the young bears was playing in the pool cooling off. When he got out of the pond, he and the other young bear played a game of chase. Such fun to watch.
The peacock was wandering around by the building and ignoring everyone and eating bits of food on the ground.
We saw eagles, owls, deer, buffalo, coyotes, and a wolf to name a few. It was a great day.
When we told Grandson about our visit, he wants to go the park to see all the animals. We will take him for sure.


The tent is done. I spent quite a bit of time getting it done and snapped some pictures before taking it to the store.

The base was covered with two layers of the batting before it was slipped into a pillow case of green broadcloth. I said I wasn't sewing the opening together ~ well I did  plus a pleat to make it fit tight. I sat at the dining room table talking to the Spousal Unit as I sewed. Doing the buttons and tying on the tent was easy.
I am happy to  have it done and am pleased with how it turned out.
I started cutting out the sleeping bag but won't make it until tomorrow. I have to unpick the zipper and ribbon as I put it on the lining piece. I also want to cut out some triangles from the left over cushion cover to sew onto the sleeping bag for a design.


We head out so the Spousal Unit can give blood for his check up next week. At home, I need to try to do a bit of housework prior to going to work at 1:15 p.m.
Until tomorrow...................................


  1. The tent looks amazing!!

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Well, well done on the tent! Absolutely wonderful.